Buddha Finger featured as one of Pocket Gamer’s ten best Android games for August!


Like a particularly aggressive accountant, Buddha Finger isn’t afraid to show off it can count and deal a knockout punch or two. Pocket Gamer clearly agrees (either that or they’re particularly terrified of their accountant), because earlier this month they named it one of their ten best Android games for August 2013.

Also excellent news is the fact that fellow Robin Hood fans (er, or at least Nottingham residents) Spacehopper Studios were also listed, so congratulations to them too!

For anyone who missed it the first time round, the Android version can be gotten right here:


And for anyone with a different flavour of mobile device, chances are it’s available for your tastes too:

The Snowman and The Snowdog wins BIMA Award, wants snow bima to put it in


I have to confess I always thought a BIMA was a make of car but apparently it also stands for the British Interactive Media Association, who this week awarded The Snowman and The Snowdog the top spot in their ‘Tablet’ category.

This makes two awards for the game  following the Broadcast Digital ‘Best Game’ award it claimed earlier in the year, all of which goes to show that the summer weather is no obstacle for a really determined snowman.

Brilliant Blocks released for iOS, provides its own superlatives


When you think about it, blocks are pretty brilliant really. You can build houses with them and they help avoid taking damage in Street Fighter, as well as literally some other things. And now you can celebrate the brilliance of blocks with our latest project, Brilliant Blocks, which as it happens has nothing to do with building houses or Street Fighter.

What it does have to do with is matching blocks by their colour and/or number in that it’s-so-simple-it-couldn’t-possibly-suck-up-hours-of-my-time-wait-where-did-that-afternoon-go kind of way that puzzle games tend to do. And best of all, you can try it entirely for free!

Brilliant Blocks was designed and produced by the excellent folks at Glowing Eye Games, whilst Eggbox Interactive provided development and design services for the project. It can be downloaded free from the iTunes App Store right now, with an in-game upgrade option if you fancy getting your hands on some shiny extra backgrounds and being able to enjoy the game ad-free.

If you do download the game then please also take a minute to help Eggbox Interactive and Glowing Eye Games by rating it in the App Store! (Comparisons to Street Fighter and house building are entirely optional, however).

And here’s the App Store link once again, for fun: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/brilliant-blocks/id682407526?mt=8

Buddha Finger punches and kicks onto Android and Nook, doesn’t even stop for orange


Sterling news for all Android and Nook owners! Last year’s finest numeracy improving beat’em’up is now available for your finger-kicking and -punching enjoyment! Featuring more than 61 levels packed with pick-up-and-play arcade action, it can be had for just 69p, which is approximately the price of a small cabbage. And let’s be honest, Buddha Finger is much more fun than a small cabbage*.

Eager Android owners can pick up the game from the Google Play store using this handy link:


Whilst Nook owners will want to point their computer boxes in the direction of:


And don’t forget, iPhone and iPad owners can still get hold of Buddha Finger Free right here, whilst Windows Phone users can get the full game at the Windows Phone store here.

* – Please note that Eggbox Interactive Limited does not accept any liability should you try adding Buddha Finger to a stir fry.

Eggbox Interactive logo and website get lick of paint, taste slightly minty

Regular visitors to the site (of which we have literally several) might notice a few changes round these parts as of today. Firstly, there’s a new Eggbox Interactive logo, which is at least 25% more green than before and now looks a lot less like the egg icons used as placeholder avatars on a certain bird-noise-inspired social networking site. Ahem.

My preferred plan was to put the new logo on a plaque behind a little curtain and then get some minor dignitary to come and unveil it, but sadly the Eggbox budget doesn’t stretch as far as curtains so you’ll just have to imagine it being unveiled – I would recommend closing your eyes and opening them again for optimum effect:


In other news the website has had a redesign. The simpler layout means it is easier to read on tablets and mobile devices, making EggboxInteractive.com more lavatory-reading-friendly than ever, and what could be better than that?

Please help us out by emailing any problems you find with the website to web@eggboxinteractive.com.